I do not think I've ever touched on food supplements on the blog. Finally, I have presented here and there in more general articles but I have never dedicated any article in particular. Today, I make a small point with you about them, having tried quite a lot in the last 5 years.

Sometimes dedicated to the health and beauty of the skin or the hair, sometimes boosters of the body's natural defenses, or even adapted to particular periods (stress of an examination, tiredness ...), the food supplements have a quite important place in my daily life.

argan oil for hair
Although they are not a substitute for good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, they are true allies and constitute a significant boost. In this article.

I present 5 natural supplements that have proven themselves to me. Since each organization reacts differently, I can not guarantee that they will have the same effects on you, but I found it interesting to share my little experience .

SALVIA perilla vegetable oil capsules - a preliminary point about this type of dietary supplement: if you are vegetarian, do not forget to look at the composition of the capsules because many brands, as natural as they are, use fish gelatin ... No worries with these Salvia capsules that are certified organic and vegan.

Perilla vegetable oil is a bomb of omega 3. Extracted from the black seeds of perilla frustescens, it naturally provides 65% omega 3 ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) as well as omega 6 and 9 in very interesting proportions .

ALA contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterolemia and, above all, stimulates intellectual activity considerably and favors the ability to concentrate. Recommended by some specialists in azheimer and Parkinson's diseases, Vegan 3 Perilla is a great ally for a healthy brain. She proved herself to me while I was in an intellectually intense time, where

I needed to monopolize all my mental energy to think and concentrate.
IMG_2406 → Floradix Iron + plants SALUS * - Good ... I concede it, it would be high time that this brand calls on a graphic designer to dust off the more than old side of its packaging. But I had to tell you about their flagship product you've probably heard about if you're interested in food supplements.


Floradix contains organically bound bivalent iron in the form of ferrous gluconate as well as fruit and plant extracts that act synergistically to enhance absorption. It is a food supplement that has been widely proven in people with iron deficiency and anemia. Also containing vitamins B2, B6 and B12, it helps to reduce fatigue and maintain a normal energy metabolism.

And it is especially on this point that I noticed its effectiveness. Having always had a low iron level, I have now found the solution to remedy it and to avoid the consequences of a deficiency (fatigue, sensitivity to infections, hair loss ...)

Grapefruit Seed Extract CITROPLUS 800 and Grapefruit Seed Propolis Concentrate LADRÔME - Here I kill two birds with one stone when I talk about these two dietary supplements that have become essential at home, especially in winter and in spring.

Rich in bioflavonoids and alcohol-free, they are strong allies against viruses that circulate and significantly strengthen the immune system.

The first is a little more concentrated (800 mg / 100 ml) but the second offers an interesting synergy between grapefruit seeds and propolis, an effective anti-allergen combo for combating hay fever on sunny days.

BIOFLORAL Four Thieves Vinegar Elixir 

This is a product with an intriguing name, is not it? 

One of you mentioned it under a video and stumbled upon him in the Bio store, I let myself be tempted. Its multifunctional side immediately pleased me: it detoxifies and energizes the body, relieves sore throats, reduces muscular pains, soothes itching and insect bites, eliminates lice, softens the water of the body. bath, sanitize and shine hair ...

And so much more! Internally, it is also an excellent stimulant of the body's natural defenses that gives an unstoppable boost in case of weakness or fatigue.

It is actually a synergistic blend of 14 active ingredients (cider vinegar, nettle-silica extract, garlic, cinnamon, clove, lavender, thyme ...) that can also be made by yourself. Attention nevertheless: containing natural camphor, the elixir is against indicated to the children under 7 years, the people sensitive to the camphor or suffering from cardiac disorders proved.

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