Argan oil for hair review

Argan oil is derived from the argan tree, endemic to Morocco (present mainly in Souss and neighboring regions) and southwestern Algeria (in some small stations3 around Tindouf, where his presence is limited3). It is very used in the traditional cuisine of Souss.

argan oil reviews

Rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, it is also used for its cosmetic properties. In 2010, this oil became fashionable, and demand has exploded prices. Fraud is common, and many products called "argan oil" do not contain or very little.

Argan Oil is designed to recreate the natural hydration balance of hair, with a supple and shiny rendering. This oil penetrates the hair and repairs the damaged parts of the cortex. It brings shine to the hair, dulled by chemical treatments or exposed to heat sources, and offers protection against UV rays and pollution.

Reviews of argan oil for hair


Argan oil review for hair


This luxurious blend of argan oil and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, intensively moisturizes skin and dry hair. Designed specifically to reduce frizz and drying time, this unique treatment enhances your hair by making it shiny and soft. Softens and visibly moisturizes damaged skin.

Directions for use:

- For short hair: spread evenly 2 to 3 hazelnuts product on wet hair. - For long hair: use 4 to 5 hazelnuts of product. 

-To moisturize the skin, use 4 to 5 hazelnuts of product on the dry areas. Warning: External use only Avoid contact with the eyes.

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