Top 12 Benefits of Argan Oil For Hair & Skin

Used by Moroccan women for centuries, the benefits of argan oil have been proven just a few years ago, following scientific studies. Argan oil for hair is now present in several ranges of cosmetics, including shampoo and masks, but the percentage of argan is very low and mixed with chemicals. So how do you use argan oil on your hair without risking weighing or greasing? Are industrial products really effective? Or is it better to apply pure argan oil?


How to use Argan Oil on Hair?

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One thing is sure, you'd better apply it pure to make the most of it! Why deprive yourself of an organic oil to barter against chemicals where the word argan oil is only a marketing argument? If the virtues of argan oil for hair are numerous, it is used mainly for dry and damaged hair and not as a washing base because the argan nourishes and moisturizes but does not clean.


Care with Argan Oil For Hair

dry hair Argan oil has proven itself for centuries in Morocco. It is in the West that we now see a great craze on cosmetic products containing this miraculous vegetable oil, which comes straight from Morocco.

So that the effects of argan oil on hair are convincing, it should already know how to use argan oil on hair.


Argan oil is used a lot to make a hair oil bath.It is a kind of simple hair mask that is allowed to rest for several hours before rinsing.


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Argan oil as a hair stimulant

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It is the composition of argan oil that makes it so beneficial to the hair. Rich in vitamin E, the argan contains all the elements necessary to have healthy hair. It nourishes and revitalizes both the scalp and the hair itself.

Rich in essential oils of rosemary, this hair serum will help limit and reduce hair loss. We had previously talked about the virtues of rosemary for the hair.

 To soften the scalp, promote the flow of blood to the roots and stimulate the regrowths optimally, bring to your hair an optimal care: a massage of the scalp with argan oil.

The scalp massage is one of the most effective techniques to promote hair growth and prevent from falling, and brings more nutrients and oxygen to the hair.

 In addition to its benefits, you will have a bonus of a feeling of well-being! If more and more massage tools are on sale, nothing beats your hands! For this, soak the pulp of your fingers in argan oil and then place them slightly apart on the scalp, press strongly, then move back and forth or rotating.

 Then move your fingers and start again elsewhere. The massage only lasts one or two minutes. This hair care is simple and fast. If after the first massage you notice a very slight hair loss, rest assured it is simply already dead hair that had to fall anyway.

 The massage precipitated their fall, which will stimulate the vigor of the hair that will succeed them. The revitalizing action of argan oil on the hair prolongs the life of the hair.

Argan oil for hydrated, nourished and strong hair

The holidays are over and your hair has been suffering the damaging effects of the sun. Even more sensitive than before, they are not only dry but also damaged and dull. Maybe you also have porous hair? One solution, moisturize her hair and feed them.


Nothing better than an organic vegetable oil. Also make sure they are properly hydrated. Do not hesitate to drink more water and spray them with orange blossom water or rose water.


Argan oil will bring them shine, strength, flexibility and softness. It also properly rehydrates your hair or dry ends. Contrary to popular belief, argan oil does not grease. She penetrates the hair so quickly that she feeds it in no time!

 Apply pure argan oil on the tips and let stand for two hours, no more, then rinse with water. No need to wash your hair afterwards. To treat dry and damaged hair, it is better to make masks of argan oil that have the advantage of nourishing deeply and giving them back vigor.



This care for dry hair is to practice half an hour before shampooing. Apply argan oil for a good twenty minutes along the length of the hair.

 Then massage the scalp from the root to the tips, gently. If the oil is not distributed well enough, do not hesitate to have a comb. Wrap your hair in a towel and leave for half an hour. You can then wash your hair.

Practice this once a week until your hair is normal again, then move to one treatment a month. For more efficiency, you can make this mask with argan oil keeping your hair wrapped all night. This is called the oil bath. Only downside, you must wash your hair on waking. So you just need a little organization.

Argan oil, a styling oil

This hair can be rubbed with argan oil. Side benefits, you bring them flexibility and shine. On the appearance side, they will appear to be wet, like the effect of a styling oil or an ordinary gel. You can even moisten your hair before. On the practical side, your hair will be much easier to disentangle. Ideal for curly or afro hair.


Argan oil against itchy scalp

It soothes scalp irritation with its soothing power. A light massage calms the itching.

If there is ONE hair oil to have imperatively in his bathroom, it is the oil of argan! Scientific studies have even corroborated what Mediterranean women have known for years: argan deeply nourishes and regenerates the hair fiber.


Argan oil is an excellent hair stimulant

The argan tree, also called "the tree of life", is a tree present in the arid regions and in particular in the south-west of Morocco. The harvest of its fruits makes it possible to produce a very rich oil. If it is excellent for the skin, it also has many benefits for the hair.

Nourishing and revitalizing, it contains vitamins and unsaponifiables. But above all, it has an antioxidant power that allows deep restructuring of the hair fiber.

 Excellent for hair without vigor and raplapla, it revitalizes while softening the hair. Occasionally performing a massage with this hair oil will promote growth and limit hair loss.

 Just take a little oil on your fingers and place your hands on each side of your head. Then you can perform a rotating motion by pressing the scalp. Just before the shampoo, this massage will restore tone and shine to your hair.


Argan oil is an excellent moisturizer

Fortifying the nails and hair, argan oil restores radiance to the most tired hair. Useful throughout the year to fight against the attacks of hairdryer and straightener, this product is particularly effective in summer against the effects of the sun. With UV, sand and chlorine, hair tends to become dry and brittle.

To find a beautiful hair, there is no secret, it must moisturize! Take a vegetable oil with you for deep nourishment. You can make a mask once a week to find shine and softness. Apply argan oil on the lengths or just on the tips. Wrap your head in a warm towel and leave for an hour.

 Then make one or two shampoos to remove all residues. For a typical oriental treatment, you can add Rhassoul powder and orange blossom hydrosol. If, on the other hand, you have dandruff, mix a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and St. Thomas Bay with your mixture.


How to use argan oil for hair?

Multi-purpose, argan oil can be used in many ways to reveal all its properties. You can add a few drops in your shampoo to give strength and shine to your hair. She is also an excellent conditioner that does not require rinsing.

Apply a little vegetable oil on the damaged tips to bring softness. It can also be used as a conditioner for frizzy and rebellious hair. Hyper efficient mask, it regenerates the fiber and delays its aging.

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