Cap on the maximum hydration of the hair!

Once upon a time ... Soft hair, well hydrated, supple, shiny ... Impossible? Not that much ! 😀 Today, I propose a recipe followed by a great conditioner for happy hair! Yes, it's important happy hair, we can never say it enough! 🙂

For some time, I have been testing several recipes to see how my hair reacts. Each hair is different, so I will not tell you that this or that recipe is an assured disaster, since you just have to test things yourself to find what suits you. But we must still recognize that some recipes are effective on almost all types of hair. The one I propose today is a safe bet, which may accompany me all summer because it is both moisturizing, nourishing and light. Even laid in roots, it does not grease the hair!

â–º For this recipe, you will need:
- a big bowl
- a spoon or whisk to mix
- honey
- coconut milk
- aloe vera gel
- witch hazel hydrosol
- Vegetable oil of broccoli
- ylang-ylang essential oil

If they are all organic, it's even better! 😀

Why these ingredients?

Honey is very moisturizing for the hair. It is also used on the skin because it does wonders to plump and rehydrate the skin, and it is just as fabulous on dull hair and dehydrated! In very long exposure, it brings beautiful golden reflections. 🙂 The coconut milk is also a super moisturizer for the hair, as well as the aloe vera that we do not quote any more (note that coconut milk + honey can, in long exposure, slightly lighten the hair. adore, and if we add more clay, we get an even more glaring clarification! I invite you to reread my recipe to bleed a color right here).

Ingredients mask hydration hair

What would a hydrating mask be without aloe vera? In-say-pen-sa-ble, aloe vera gel has become my best friend. I use it very regularly on my lengths and tips, as I showed you in this great care without rinsing, coupled with 2Moss Day Cream! In the form of gel, it allows to obtain a thicker texture to our homemade mask so easier to apply Finally, witch hazel hydrosol is as well on the skin as on the hair to moisturize and revitalize gently.
A bit of nutrition

Nutrition side now, I do not go too strong, because as the title of this article, we put the focus on hydration priority! Fine hair, long and bulky like mine have a real need for hydration. If your hair has been colored / discolored and / or you use heat on it (hair dryer, smoothing, iron curls etc), it will take a good dose of nutrition and more. Since this is not my case, and by leaving them alone my hair no longer needs oil, I go soft on nutrition by simply adding broccoli oil. It is an oil that I rediscovered through some bloggers that I love as Edelweiss (my hairy Guru as you know it 😉) but also the pretty Chloé, blog Bio Hair, which in addition to being adorable gives great tips to get beautiful all-natural hair!

The pose

I separate my hair into several small sections. I have a lot so if I separate them in two I will not reach all the hair. To be honest, if I really wanted to do all my head from roots to tips, it would concretely that I double all my doses actually ... But hey it would be a little expensive in the end so I do like that and it's not already wrong ! 🙂 So I apply all my mixture gradually on each thin wick and I gently "rub" my sections of wicks soaked between them (moment sexy haha) so that everything mixes well in the hair. I do not forget the scalp massaging well, in front, in the middle, on the sides and behind.

image arganoilsoapIf you find that your mixture has not been well distributed, do not hesitate to re-pshitter a little hydrosol everywhere, this will allow you to "liquefy" a little preparation and be able to better distribute your mask.

Once all my hair is covered with the mixture, I bring them back in a bun at the top of my head (with the mixture it's all alone, but if it slides on your side, put a little elastic without metal and voila.Please avoid plastic clips, which with the weight, can do damage by breaking the hair in the way, bad idea! ...).

I put everything under a beautiful charlotte (the picture is more glamorous!), Then I add a towel over to keep everything warm. Besides, it's so hot, sometimes it's dripping! So I always put on an old T-shirt and when I feel it flows, I sponge with my towel or the T-shirt! Yes, it's not great, but when you want beautiful hair is what you need! 😀 In war as in war friends!

I let everything 2h ideally or 1:30, less than an hour I think it's not a very deep care in the end, and it's a bit spoiled ... With this kind of homemade mask, I prefers to take the time ... If I have only 30 minutes in front of me, as much take a conditioner or mask ready and apply it on my hair rapido. For a homemade mask of this type, let him pose for a long time!

After I'm not a fan of too long poses on the scalp. The latter needs to breathe, so it is not very wise for me to "smother" him under a mask for too long ... This is a personal opinion and feeling, but just as the skin needs to breathe to be well , the scalp needs to be well oxygenated, so I can not see myself put down a mask of this type all night ... On the lengths ok, I even think that it is very beneficial, but on the scalp, blah blah ... Knowing that to grow well, our hair needs roots well cleared, stimulated and ventilated!

This is why we advise against too often tie the hair to let them breathe and not block the shoot!

Rinsing / washing

This step is important to rinse the mask and prepare your hair for the following treatments! I alternate since the beginning of the year between two shampoos: Alverde with aloe vera and Health Orange Coco (which was my favorite at the time of my passage to the natural and remained!).

This time, I used the Orange Coco. I always do two shampoos, especially when I make masks in roots. I avoid too much shampooing the lengths because it attacks them, and the long hair really do not need that! ... This time, I left my usual hair conditioners to test that of Centifolia, which was sent by a press service! I already knew the raspberry detangling spray that was not a hit on me, I think the presence of alcohol (maybe too much in it) did not have a good effect on my lengths already dry, but it must depend on the hair because I know people who use it and are very satisfied, so again, it really depends on everyone.

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