Cruelty free and vegan cosmetics: the little memos that save in stores

There are so many non-vegan ingredients lurking in our cosmetics, you can quickly feel lost. If I start to know them at the fingertips, as you say that it has not always been the case ... And it was not always easy to find me. In store, I often spent long minutes searching on my phone what was this ingredient, which label CF it was ... In short, it was a little complicated.


More than a year ago, I wrote an article about the ingredients to avoid for vegan cosmetics and another about the cruelty free and vegan labels to favor. Today, what I propose to you is in fact only a summary ... Take everywhere with you! It's still simpler, is not it? Here is a small memo to print, which simply lists the non-vegan ingredients and a small recap of the main cruelty free labels.

What is a vegan and cruelty free cosmetic?

Vegan cosmetics: it is a product that does not contain any ingredient of animal origin (extracts of animals or produced by animals).

Cruelty free cosmetics: this means that a product is untested on animals. A cosmetics CF belongs in my opinion to a brand that does not sell physically in the Chinese market and that does not belong to a group that tests itself on animals (which is sometimes the case, as Urban Decay with L'Oreal by example).

Little reminders 

You will find the main non-vegan ingredients in my first memo (the list is not exhaustive). To know that in bio, only the first part is allowed (and again, it depends on the labels). But an organic label does NOT guarantee you a vegan product and not tested on animals, it's a myth.
Vegan labels are not the most rigorous (unfortunately) regarding animal testing, the best is to pair a CF label and a vegan label or make sure that the brand does not sell its products physically in China .

Tests on animals have been banned in France for a few years BUT the REACH regulation offers numerous derogations. The tests on animals are therefore unfortunately still relevant in cosmetics (despite all that we can tell you).

Personally, I decided to check everything myself ... And I invite you to do the same! We are never better served than by ourselves ...

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