I have never been particularly "sensitive" bidou (team bidou or team phony? Not because it's super important huh, at my place we say bidou) ; Except because of excess during the holidays end year , I have never had digestion problems. Not since a few weeks anyway. I do not know why or because of what but painful stomachaches appeared lately.

The kind of pain so acute that you almost twist in two and you wake up some nights because you want to vomit (you feel the glamorous subject there or not?)

I have obviously looked for priority on the food side. "I eat too much cereal, it's acidic ..." I reduced their serving and added more alkaline foods to my diet, trying to get back on my acid-base balance. It did not really work ... I still continued by integrating in addition some small "remedies" in my daily life. Remedies that, meanwhile, helped me a lot.

I do not really know which was the most effective or if the improvement is due to the combination of all this, but I am overly relieved to have solved these problems of stomach ache.

And since I thought that talking about it and showing you what I had used could help some people, here are the 4 little natural "remedies" that seem to have made my digestion problems disappear:

• Food Baking Soda - Probably my favorite because it was so effective and fast against my intestinal pain. My stomach pains mainly appeared at dinner and lasted until late at night. They dwindled considerably when I started taking a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water just after the meal each evening (for about 1 week).

Thanks to its alkaline pH, bicarbonate fights heartburn, acid reflux and other things related to poor digestion. You do not even imagine the joy of the first night, when I felt the pain disappear in not even 10 minutes. A real relief!

• Gem'Horizon gemmotherapy complex - I will not give you a complete gemmotherapy topo since it has been discussed in detail right here. I did a 3 weeks cure of the "meal" complex with buds of fig, rosemary, walnut, cowberry and vine, at the rate of 4 sprays a day under the tongue (2 after the lunch , 2 after dinner). I have already had the opportunity to note the effectiveness of the complexes "night" and "protection" so even if I can not really verify it, I think that the "meal" has also played its part in improving of my digestion problems.

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• Peppermint essential oil - Known to eradicate headaches, this essential oil is also very useful to stop a craving for vomiting (at least it has been on me). Used in really critical cases, I put a trace under my tongue (not a drop eh, a small trace, touching the tip of the little finger the neck of the bottle). In just a few minutes everything is soothed and what's inside remains inside .

• Digestive herbal teas - I already enjoy drinking a digestive infusion after dinner in normal times. So I made a daily habit during this period a bit complicated and I liked them even more. My preference is for a very fresh mixture of linden and mint, a Breton producer-harvester. I let it infuse for at least 10 minutes and drank it very slowly, just before sleeping.

Of course, all these small remedies are only a temporary response to an acute crisis and can not be a substitute for medical treatment in cases of more serious digestive disorders or lasting over time.

I hope that this article will be useful to you. See you soon!

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