ou have probably followed my hairy events in recent months: it was the absolute debacle, the intergalactic disaster, the fall as I rarely lived. Worse than Niagara, it's to say.

I have not identified precisely the cause of this fall but I imagine that it was fueled by several things: two emotional shocks suffered a few months apart (the hair usually falls 3 months later) and my huge fatigue felt at the end of the summer, due to a large demineralization. My rate of iron was also not at best, and it also had to weigh in the balance (as a reminder, I swear by the Floradix to remedy).

All that to say that like the skin, the good health our hair is undoubtedly related to what happens in our body. A body in good shape, a good diet and a healthy lifestyle are the guarantors of beautiful skin and beautiful hair (mostly say). Conversely, fatigue, lack of sleep, hydration, poor nutrition, etc ... play a lot on the quality of our skin and hair. Remember that the skin is an emunctory = it is through it, in particular, that are evacuated toxins present in our body.

In short, here's what to remember: what you see on the outside is just a reflection of what's going on inside.

For my part, now that I am much better and that the fall seems to have passed (and with it the time so agonizing to help-I-will-find-me-bald), I put together a Special hair strategy regrowth and fortification. I thought to make you a return only in a few weeks, once the results obtained (or not, but in this case I will only have to find a good wig-artist). But you have been many.ses to ask me to present at first the "content" of this strategy (it's like a part of touch-poured didon '). So that's how I intend to take back the lost mass and find strong and vigorous hair.


I am a great follower of this natural hair care for a very long time. I've talked about it many times, especially in this article. After this catastrophic fall, I concocted a blend of vegetable oils and essential oils that work synergistically to stimulate the regrowth of my hair and fortify.

Vegetable oils, I mixed macadamia oil (50%), avocado oil (30%) and castor oil (20%). The first two act on the flexibility of the hair avoiding its dehydration while the last acts on the shoot. As castor oil is particularly viscous, it can not be used alone (unless you spend 3 hours rinsing it with 12 shampoos).

Side essential oils, I bet on the trio ginger, cade and ylang-ylang. In addition to very useful virtues (anti-fatigue and digestive), ginger essential oil is particularly recommended in case of hair loss since it stimulates (re) growth by helping the body to actively nourish the follicles. The essential oils of cade and ylang-ylang are the friends of the scalp. They regulate the secretion of sebum, fight dandruff (especially the essential oil of cade), and help to keep it healthy, while fortifying the hair fiber.

 I thank in passing the De Saint Hilaire brand that I like very much and who kindly sent me everything I needed to concoct this hair oil.

For the proportions of essential oils, I warmly refer you to this article in which I explained the method to achieve its own oily care (it is identical, whether it is for facial care or hair care) . Yes because we do not do anything with essential oils, huh. I can not say it enough, they are not fragrances. It's not a matter of doing "down to earth", as I can use myself with other less active ingredients (vegetable oils for example).

For this mixture, I stayed on a fairly low dosage (a little more than 1%) because having the sensitive scalp (period after big fall requires) I wanted to go soft on the level of essential oils. So I opted for 3 drops of each, 9 drops in total, for a bottle of 30 ml.

The method of the oil bath itself has not changed on my side, so I refer you to the above-mentioned article. And as for the frequency, I stand at a bath of oils every 10 days or so.

argan oil for hair


This is thanks to you (when I tell you that you bring me as much as I bring you) ;-) I had already seen some food supplements for the health of the hair that contained nettle. But I did not particularly stop there. Let's face it, I was looking at this plant from afar, the eye a little suspicious, having in mind the horrible itching it causes me on the forearms when I work in the garden (me grudging? Not at all). And then I thought about yeast beer and zinc, a combo well known in hair, but finally proved too little effective for my taste (I said that all this is very subjective of course).

When you were several to advise me nettle under one of my videos, I decided to make a small cure. Although I am only at the beginning (I started it last November 17), I must admit that I am particularly excited, for several reasons.

First, after a few small searches, I read a lot of positive feedback on nettle. This plant, rich in zinc, silica, vitamins and other minerals, would have real effects on hair growth while limiting the fall and fighting against baldness (fortunately, I'm not there yet). It seems to be almost miraculous and I admit to being very optimistic.

Second, I opted for a box of Nat & Form brand capsules, bought from Onatera. A little guess, I have to admit (I only paid attention to the composition of capsules, I chose vegetable and not marine). And then there, big and very pleasant surprise. Not only this brand turns out to be Breton (damn it, always this chauvinistic side, sorry I can not help it). But above all, it offers a range of organic food supplements (including nettle) which is particularly eco-responsible.

The pillbox is 100% recyclable cardboard and the lid, made from plant material, is compostable. Yes yes, you read correctly! Nat & Form was the first food supplement manufacturer to develop biobased, biodegradable and compostable packaging. I take my hat, really!

Following the indications of the brand, I take 4 capsules a day, 2 at noon and 2 in the evening, always during the meal. See you in a few weeks for the results, once my box is finished.


As for oil baths, neutral henna is a care that I know quite well even if I practice it less regularly. We had already talked about it here for those interested (attention article collector, dating from April 2014).

It had been a long time since I had not offered henna to my hair and being in an optics "we strengthen all that! I told myself that it would be more than appropriate to get back to it. Instead of starting over a basic neutral henna, I wanted to try the henna gloss. Under this somewhat mysterious name hides a care could not be simpler, as far as you already know the henna: it is simply to add a little hair mask.

At the level of proportions, you start to know me, I go to the nose. And, to tell the truth, everything will depend on your capillary mass. Basically my side, once my henna powder mixed with water (the paste obtained should be neither too liquid nor too thick), I add a large tablespoon of hair mask (currently the Weleda Oatmeal Mask that I like a lot and that I used a few years ago). I sometimes end with a few extras: a vegetable oil chouilla or 2/3 drops of essential oils (one of those mentioned above).

I spread the paste obtained on all my hair: tips, lengths and scalp (that I take the time to massage a little). I pack all this under food film and I leave for 1 hour. Well, as much as I tell you that I arrange to do this care out of possible delivery hours, ahem.

After the exposure time, I rinse with hot water without shampooing. This is where this treatment is particularly miraculous. The hair comes out soft, supple, stronger, more vigorous, and clean. Crazy no?

Side frequency, I try to stick to a henna gloss every 3 weeks. And as for the henna powder itself, I buy it in my store for your convenience, but know that you can find better quality on the internet, especially at henna and care elsewhere and Breiz henna.

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