Pigment spots: which natural solutions?

To reduce, eliminate and prevent pigment spots, there are some natural ingredients bluffing, with very effective properties. Many of you are looking for solutions against these spots, often common on the face, neck and décolleté as well as on the hands. Once is not custom, I refer you to the undeniable powers of plants, this time for a more unified and homogeneous complexion.

The skin spots, whether brown or white, occur during a disruption of the production and distribution of melanin in the epidermis, which causes a deregulation of skin pigmentation. Melanin can either:

● Accumulate in certain areas, causing dark, brown spots. We talk about hyperpigmentation.

● Do not reach certain areas of the skin, which causes clear, white spots. We talk about depigmentation.

Brown spots and white spots can be seen at any age, especially as you get older. Other factors (hormones ...) can be aggravating.

Which vegetable oils against age spots?

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The oily macerate of lily (maceration of white lily flowers in a neutral vegetable oil) is one of the first vegetable oils that I knew, several years ago. I was impressed by the unifying power of this vegetable oil, ideal to homogenize the complexion, give it shine and reduce pigment spots.

Organic lily oil - Melvita // Precious oil White lily & Damask rose - Marisson



Rosehip oil - also known as muscat rose oil - is known for its high antioxidant power, making this oil an anti-aging treatment of choice. It reduces spots on the skin and makes the complexion brighter.

Organic rosehip oil: De Saint Hilaire - Bioflore


Against white and brown spots, there is also the vegetable oil of Chaulmoogra, an Indian ayurvedic oil. It acts on melanocytes (cells of the skin synthesizing melanin), by migrating them from pigmented areas to less pigmented areas, which homogenizes the complexion.

Organic Chaulmoogra Oil - Oleassence in the Luberon

These oils are used pure, alternately or synergistically, on the face and / or areas with pigment spots. Massage the skin with the oil 1 to 2 minutes in the morning and / or evening, for a minimum of 4 months. Do not skimp on the quality of the vegetable oil (see the links I gave you above) for good results.

What essential oils against age spots?


In addition to these vegetable oils, certain essential oils also have lightening and unifying properties for the skin. This is the case of essential oil of celery, known to reduce brown spots and clarify the complexion. To mix with your vegetable oil to boost the anti-stain action.

Celery essential oil - Herbs and Traditions


Essential natural ingredient against age spots: the essential oil of lovage! It is one of the rare essential oils to contain phthalides, aromatic molecules with a lightening action on stains. And thanks to its detoxifying properties, it eliminates residues accumulated on the epidermis, responsible in part for the appearance of brown spots.

Organic lovage essential oil - Herbs and traditions


The essential oil of carrot, in addition to giving good appearance, attenuates the brown or white spots well, regenerates the skin and firms it. I can only advise you also, in association with celery and / or lovage.

Organic wild carrot essential oil - De Saint Hilaire

Dosage of essential oils 

For the face: maximum 2%, ie 15 drops of HE for 30ml of HV

For the body: maximum 5%, ie 60 to 65 drops of HE for 50ml of HV

These 3 essential oils are prohibited for pregnant women, breastfeeding, babies and children under 6 years. Limit to an external use in cutaneous application in the case of a treatment against the pigment spots.

What dietary supplements against age spots?

In addition to skin care, a course of natural dietary supplements in-house is beneficial to reduce, eliminate or prevent any skin stain. Extracts of cucumber and grape seeds for shine, bearberry leaves and white mulberry for their depigmenting properties, rose petals to lighten the complexion ... Plants of choice for an effective synergy against age spots. That's what the Derma Sublim natural dietary supplement, which I use personally, contains.

My skin does not have particular spots but my complexion is naturally quite dull and scrambled, never homogeneous. I trusted the dietary supplement Derma Sublim because it comes from the same site where I bought the one that accompanied my food rebalancing and gave me great results! After several weeks, I find my skin more luminous and unified in the face. In addition, this dietary supplement provides protection against sun damage, and is 100% vegetable (even the capsule, which is unfortunately the case of many supplements.

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