The real Aleppo soap, for a natural healthy skin

After boasting a thousand times the benefits of cold soaps for your skin, I would like to zoom in on another great natural soap: the good old Aleppo soap! This one is not saponified cold but, manufactured by hand with natural ingredients of quality, it presents beautiful cosmetic virtues for the skin.

Organic aficionados will already know the Aleppo soap 😉 For the record, it was born in Aleppo in Syria 3500 years ago. Although it spreads in Europe in the twelfth century, its production, confidential and always faithful to the original recipe, remains mostly made in Aleppo until the breakup of the country in civil war in 2013. Since, the production is relocated to neighboring countries.

Aleppo soap: what beauty benefits?

Aleppo soap is made by hand from two vegetable oils:

🌿 Cold pressed olive oil

🌿 Laurel bay oil

The olive oil is first boiled with vegetable glycerin to obtain soap. Then we add the bay bay oil and a little water. And that's all ! After manufacture, the solid soap is placed flat on the ground for 3 to 5 months to dry.

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Thanks to the olive oils and laurel berries, Aleppo soap has a moisturizing and softening power for the skin while cleaning it, of course. All skin will appreciate it, even the smallest ones. It is even very recommended for problem skin (acne, eczema, psoriasis ...) or sensitive and delicate skin. Used as a shampoo, it also has the particularity of slowing down hair loss.

You can use it everyday, for the face, body and hands. Up to twice a week for hair.

How to spot a real Aleppo soap?

Beware of counterfeit Aleppo soaps, unfortunately many on the market! The characteristics of the real Aleppo soap are the smell, the shape, the color and the ingredients.

🌸 Smell: musky, pure and persistent.

🌸 Shape: A real solid Aleppo soap has imperfect contours, unlike compressed soaps. It is signed with the name of the author of the series, which marks it with a seal at a certain time of drying.

🌸 Color: brownish on the surface, then as it is used, it reveals a beautiful green color.

🌸 Ingredients: Make sure the soap contains only olive oil, bay laurel oil, glycerine and water. If there is addition of other vegetable matter, it counterfeits the initial recipe and the soap then does not have the same virtues anymore.

Where to find a good Aleppo soap?

I recommend the soaps of the brand Aleppo Flowers, recently discovered. Super quality! Their products are handcrafted by Syrians in Turkey, a few kilometers from the Syrian border, according to ancestral recipes. Know-how, quality choice of raw materials, respect for the health of men ... I do not doubt that you will appreciate as much as me their natural products.

In addition to solid Aleppo soaps, Aleppo Flowers offers a liquid Aleppo soap and a shower gel based on Aleppo soap (less concentrated). Find their Aleppo soaps on their online store as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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