The Shebe, how to use it better?

The Shebe, how to use it better?

About a year ago yurtubeuse Miss Sahel published a sensational video about the Shebe. It is a powder that is made in Chad. Women use it to retain length. And the result is just huge.

In this famous video, we show a Chadian wearing very long hair. And it is argued that if she could achieve this beautiful result, it is partly thanks to the Shebe.

It turns out that I have a friend of Chadian origin. And I asked him about this famous powder. To my astonishment, she confirmed her benefits. Indeed, his grandmother uses it and the results are also at the rendezvous.

It is suggested to use it in two ways:

First you slightly moisten your hair then you induce a mixture of Shebe and vegetable oil of your choice.

Then you have the choice not to rinse them as seen in the video or rinse them after at least 3 hours of exposure.

I bought Le Chébé recently.

how to use it

About me I decided to use it otherwise, ie oily macerate. For those who are interested here are the proportions that I applied for the creation of an oily macerate Chebe:

10 g of Chebe
90 g of jojoba vegetable oil

I let macerate everything for at least 1 month and then I will filter it using a coffee filter. So I should use it sometime in mid May. And I will not fail to give you my opinion on its use within a few months.

Always think about taking a skin test before using it.

I find that making an oily macerate Chebe is a good compromise with my lifestyle because let ask three to five days the mixture Chebe on the hair, it's just not possible.

Given the videos posted on YouTube, I really believe that the Shebe is a powerful anti-hair break.

I have selected three videos, two published by Miss Sahel and another by the youtubeuse Freihet Glow. In these three videos you will find all the questions about this famous powder.

Good viewing.

God Bless You ❤❤❤!

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