Top 10 How to grow your hair quickly

There are several reasons why you want to grow your hair quickly. A missed cut, which we dislike or a crazy desire for a long hair to change the style, change his head. How to grow your hair without breaking the bank? Grandmother's tricks and remedies are then our best allies because often natural and cheap. Discover our top 10 to grow your hair faster, without hurting.

How to grow hair

It is by showing patience that one can claim to gain some lengths. Only there - right away, there is urgency! So unthinkable to wait 3 months to hope to conquer a few inches. And yes, this is apparently a tough fight and yet! A dozen solutions exist, natural of course.

Let's see how to grow your hair faster now. No way to say that all means are good to achieve its goal! We know, many products on offer allow such miracles but what good to end up with a long straw for hair? As you can see, behind these miracle solutions is always the worst! Parabens, silicones and other chemicals that weaken your hair and make it unpleasant. After a few days, then you see the disaster and have to go to the hairdresser to remove this horror. You are back to square one ...

Your hair lose their vitality, they tarnish and no longer resist external aggression which usually cause a hair loss accompanied by a slowdown in growth. If you are looking for long hair, do not neglect your lifestyle.

If you suffer from female hair loss, these few remedies will allow you to grow your hair faster. Of course it will be necessary above all to treat the problem of falling.

1 / Castor oil hair
So we start with castor oil, a first cold-pressed organic vegetable oil that occupies the first place on the podium when it comes to growing hair and eyelashes as well. An entirely organic treatment for healthy, long-lasting and resistant hair! To discover more about this precious oil, do not hesitate to read the article that we have totally delivered to castor oil.

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2 / Argan oil and rosemary

Here is a very interesting mixture, a hair serum bringing together the benefits of argan oil, an organic vegetable oil pressed from the finesons of the argan tree, used to treat baldness, and rosemary, a plant that we may qualify as medicinal given its undeniable virtues for the health of our beauty. If you were looking for ways to make hair grow faster, you finally find the answer.

3 / Coconut milk to grow your hair

how to grow your hair quickly with coconut milkAlways by drawing our resources from the heart of what nature offers us, we recommend coconut hair milk, a homemade hair care that offers the hair of many benefits that growing her hair.

Its greedy smell should motivate you. Afro hair is fond of coconut milk that can deeply nourish the molliness and make them brighter and softer.

To make a mask with coconut milk, use your mixer until you get a foam, very light and therefore easier to install. Apply the massage form from the scalp to the tips and leave to act for 2 hours minimum. Finish this homemade hair care with your usual shampoo (the best being an anti-fall shampoo).

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4 / Garlic oil for longer hair

oil-garlic-hair So here is an oil that, despite its unpleasant and disgusting smell, it is granted, stimulates the growth of hair. Garlic oil is so effective to grow your hair quickly that you forget its aroma. Once again, it will take you up the sleeves, so to speak of course since the recipe is done by flashing fingers, finally almost :)

Mix 2 cloves garlic mixed or crushed with castor oil and let macerate this preparation for 3 days. Once this time has elapsed, recover only the oil then apply it on your hair for two hours also. Follow with a shampoo, see two if the smell too heavy garlic is felt. If doing a homemade hair care such as this one puzzles you, sachet that there is garlic oil on sale.

5 / Brewer's yeast
yeast-de-bieireConnue especially for fattening, the brewer's yeast deserves to be in this top 10 natural remedies to grow hair faster because it helps strengthen them through its composition. Indeed, it contains a lot of vitamins, proteins and minerals that are essential for healthy hair and nails as well. Stress, change of season or even uncontrollable tiredness, the brewer's yeast makes it possible to fill the falls and with the hair to push back stronger.

The cure usually lasts two to three months, in capsule form to be consumed, each morning, on an empty stomach. Watch out for its harmful effects on the stomach. One can just as easily prepare a homemade yeast hair mask for an immediate result. To do this, mix two egg yolks with baker's yeast until you have a dough.

You can also put only one egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey and sparkling beer yeast. Then apply on the scalp to activate the blood circulation and allow to rest between 30 minutes and 1 hour before rinsing.

4 months of treatment!

6 / The onion
onion-growth-hairWe reassure you, you are always reading an article to promote the growth of your hair and grow more quickly :) A simple recipe and within reach of all and that we see more and more within the Youtubeuses beauty: the use of a simple onion. Allow about ten days before you can put into practice this effective technique because you have to put it, cut in your shampoo and infuse for 10 days. Once the maceration done you can filter the cut onion but to obtain an optimal result better to leave it.


To be mixed in a vegetable oil, preferably argan oil, castor oil or fenugreek oil (only a few drops)

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7 / Cinnamon
cinnamon grows hairNon only cinnamon offers magnificent reflections to the hair but in addition it stimulates their growth by improving the blood circulation of the scalp (be careful if you have the sensitive scalp is better to test).

Mix two tablespoons of cinnamon in vegetable oil (castor, argan, olive, etc.). Then add an egg to thicken your preparation then apply on scalp and wet hair for about ten minutes then wash.

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8 / The amla
Indian PowderAla Powder is a hair care from India. Among its many properties, there is the fact that it reduces the fall and boosts the scalp and thus the growth of hair. It exists in the form of oil but as we had previously mentioned, the one sold is often made with mineral oil, namely paraffin. To avoid so ... Otherwise you can buy the amla powder and make your oil yourself. The ideal would be to macerate the amla in castor oil or argan oil.

argan oil for hair

9 / The Kachur Sugandhi
Native to India, this powder accelerates hair growth. It is lent other properties as the fact that it gives volume and shine to the hair. Your hair is naturally scented. Indian powders are on the rise right now.

10 / The nettle
Finally, we offer you a cure of nettle. Her amazing beauty speaks to us very well here, so much as you visit her blog.

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