I am happy to present you my last find in term of natural beauty, this time, one focuses on the hair with the vegetable coloring. I chose the brand Biocoiff for their quality products, their ethics and the convenience of doing color at home without the need to go to the salon (which is located in Paris) while receiving professional advice .

First, a little reminder of the plant color ... It is in the form of plant pigment powder (roots, leaves ...). The coloring is deposited on the hair, comes the gainer, thus, it does not damage or destroy the hair fiber, instead it reinforces it.


Why make a Biocoiff vegetable coloring?

To change hair color using natural products. We can make browns, redheads, light browns, blacks ...
To cover the white hair because yes the vegetable color covers them perfectly contrary to the received ideas.
As a care to strengthen the hair
Because Biocoiff is a pioneer in plant coloring and they use quality products
box color-logona-2-biocoiff


The main stages of coloring "at home"

Make a personalized diagnosis on the website of Biocoiff, you can send your photos and have pros advice.
Do your diagnosis now

Then order your box color according to the desired shade (I took the shade D3: it pulls a little on the copper I find)
Your box will consist of a bag of powder for color, a shampoo preparer, a clay mask, a after shampoo and accessories (comb brush, gloves, charlotte).


Do you the shampoo preparer
Leave 2 minutes


Then make the mask with clay and leave for 15 minutes.
It will detoxify the scalp (ideal especially if you use basic products so far). If you already use shampoos and organic care for some time, you do not have to do this step.


While the mask has clay laying, mix the powder in a salad bowl with warm / lukewarm water, mix until you get the consistency of a yogurt. The amount of water is variable, it is until a cake dough.
Rinse the mask with clay
We just apply a shea butter-type balm on the contour of the face, it will avoid having to rub his skin to remove the dye that has flowed.
We will apply the color on wet hair.
Her hair is well combed off and an old t-shirt is put on that will never be put back. We apply line by line by making only the roots at the beginning then the spikes.
We smooth all the product with the gloves and put on the charlotte.
We remove the excess residues on the skin, especially at the root of the hair, and let it rest between 1h30 to 3h (depending on your color and the number of white hair).

coloration-biocoiffhenne-neutral hair coloring plant


Rinse with water until only clear water flows.
The fixative is then done with the ylang-ylang shampoo. This step is very important especially to be able to do the hair, the vegetable coloring dries the hair very slightly.
Wait 3 days before washing your hair, the pigments will continue their effect.


This natural dye care is really great.
The beautiful color.
Make a fresh start for your hair, give them shampoos and organic care.

Future colorations
When the color begins to fade or your roots grow, you can recommend a Biocoiff color box kit.
If you want to change color, log in to your Biocoiff customer area, then in the My Account / Satisfaction Box tab, you can change the color for the next dye.
When you make your color, you only do steps 2, 4 and 5
The beautiful color.
Make a fresh start for your hair, give them shampoos and organic care.

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