Vegetable oil: Natural cosmetics

Discover the power of cosmetic vegetable oil

On this page, we invite you to dive into the magnificent world of natural oils.

You will discover, through your research, the many uses that can be made of cosmetic vegetable oil, and its properties no less varied. All your desires, all your needs will find satisfaction in our products.

100% handcrafted, vegetable cosmetic oil can be applied to all parts of your body. The epidermis will feed briskly, for example, an apricot kernel oil.

But a castor oil will have soothing and regenerative properties in many places. It will strengthen your nails, accelerate the growth of your lashes while giving them volume, tone your hair while preventing their fall ...

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Benefits on the skin and hair

Cosmetic vegetable oil has an incomparable influence on your body. Its healing powers are not found in any classical cosmetic product. Just try a natural concealer to capture the full extent of these beneficial oils. The contours of your eyes will regain their luminosity first, while your dark circles, under the influence of softening power, will simply disappear.

You will find on this page the best formulas of use for a cosmetic vegetable oil. An oil Nigel to fight against skin aging, but also to get a bright tan. A beard oil moisturizes the hair deeply and soothe sensitive skin tormented by razor burn. Or a sweet almond oil, famous for its anti-infective virtues and soothing qualities on all skin types.

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Besides, why not opt ​​for one of our discovery boxes of Orient?
Between argan oil, nigelle and castor, you will have everything to try on your skin, on your hair, and observe the result.

The thousand virtues of our natural oils will nourish, soothe, strengthen your body in every way.

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