Why take care of your hair?

Why take care of your hair?

Many have an oscillating relationship between love and hate with their hair. Depending on the day, they do it at their head! It must be said that we are not always very tender with them. Between the daily washes, the hairdryer or the straightener, the lacquer to make hold a hairstyle, we tend to martyrise our poor hair.

If we add to this the external aggressions that they undergo every day like pollution, the wind or the sun, it is not surprising that our hair sometimes looks gray!

It's time to take care of them, to pamper them with natural hair products and adapted to their nature (the most important!). Do not worry about buying expensive products and get back to basics. Our ancestors were already using Argan oil, so why change? We are sure they were right, and we will show you why!

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Why use Argan oil for her hair?

You can make regular hair care, but your hair never looks like what you want after. No need to take the lead to understand. The masks marketed are usually stuffed with silicone. So, at the moment, you have the impression that your hair is silky and bright, but in the long run, the silicone stifles and weakens them even more.

Many people abandon them and go back to basics: the natural! It starts with the shampoo, using a neutral foaming base (and bio) free of all undesirable substances such as parabens, sulphates and of course silicone.

It is just as easy to pamper your hair naturally by bathing with a vegetable oil adapted to the needs of your hair nature. You will very quickly see an evolution. Coconut for dry hair, Ricin to promote growth, Macadamia for curly hair ... And the Argan then?

The composition of Argan oil is particularly interesting for the hair, because of the strong presence of unsaturated fatty acids, but especially 8% of vitamin E. Major antioxidant and excellent natural anti-aging, vitamin E is present in few vegetable oils.

This is a real asset of Argan oil! And to do a little more good for your skin and your hair, we find a sterol, schotténol, in Argan oil. As a skin regulator, it helps to revitalize cells and boost their activity (especially to fight against hair!).

For what types of hair use Argan oil?

Argan oil is the vegetable oil of the family. Its complete action on the nutrition and repair of the hair fiber is particularly suitable for people in a hurry who want to take care of their hair without dropping in the bathroom. For all pretty men (and others too), know that Argan oil will strengthen your hair. By stimulating the scalp, Argan oil will slow down their fall with the passing years. With her, baldness is almost over.

For damaged hair

Nourishing thanks to the many fatty acids it contains (especially linoleic acid), Argan oil is very often used to moisturize dry skin. But we must not neglect its ability to repair dry and damaged hair.

By acting in the heart of the hair fiber, Argan oil solves the problem at its source. It repairs the fiber, but also strengthens it to protect it more from the many external aggressions such as sun, chlorine, heat or wind.

You will note that it is an excellent care to perform in prevention, before going on vacation to the beach! In September, the return will not rhyme with damaged hair :)


For dull hair

Pollution, hair dryers, colorations continue to weaken your hair which gradually loses its vitality. To fight against this phenomenon, Argan oil is your best ally. Argan oil is surely one of the best vectors of the active ingredients of essential oils.

Penetrating and nourishing, Argan oil comes to fill capillary scales (the fragility of your hair comes precisely from their opening).

Tightened, the hair fiber better reflects the light and your hair in full health thus rediscover the brilliance of which you dreamed.

For even more efficiency, it is highly recommended to combine it with essential oils to enjoy a full dull hair care! For brown hair, particularly prone to lack of radiance, the essential oils of Lemongrass and rosemary cineole strengthen the action of Argan to bring beautiful coppery highlights.

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